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The blue AUTOZUG Sylt of RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH


NEW NOW: Güterzug Schleswig-Holstein:


Since autumn 2016, the blue AUTOZUG Sylt transports travelers in their vehicle quickly and safely to the island of Sylt and back.  Cars, SUVs, vans, motorhomes of all kinds (up to 10m in length), heavy trucks, trucks, buses as well as vehicles with trailers or caravans are transported.

As a regional Sylt company based in Westerland, the blue car train is a friendly alternative to the DB Group, offering passengers personal service, fast check-in, tickets also with desired seat reservation and always an unobstructed view of the Wadden Sea (no disturbing upper deck). Two brand-new, bright blue locomotives named "Debbie" and "Anne" reliably pull the two blue trains up to 26 times daily to Sylt and back. This is particularly quiet, fuel-efficient and reliable.

Ticket sales, check-in and boarding of the blue car train on the day of travel take place at the loading terminals in Niebüll (district of Nordfriesland) and Westerland on Sylt: Address Niebüll: Kurt-Bachmann-Ring 2 I 25889 Niebüll I at the slip road directly on the right, lanes 9 -11. Address Westerland/Sylt: Industrieweg 16 I 25980 Sylt I at the slip road directly on the right, lanes 7+8.

During the approx. 35-minute crossing, passengers remain seated in their vehicle. Tickets can be purchased conveniently from the vehicle directly at the loading lanes from the friendly service team (cash or EC/credit card). The online webshop also offers tickets for all journeys in advance, including the low-priced Online-Sparpreis ticket from 19.90 euros per journey.


The blue AUTOZUG Sylt runs every 60 to 90 minutes between Niebüll and Westerland/Sylt. It offers safe, reliable and modern transportation to the island and back to the mainland seven days a week and 366 days a year. During the season, it offers up to 26 trips daily.


For each train, there are special low-price tickets available online in the webshop (while stocks last). Those who do not want to buy a ticket until right before departure and do not take advantage of any discount will pay €61 for a one-way trip or €102 for a round trip in the normal fare. Those who do not need to travel on weekends can use the low-priced DiMiDo ticket (return ticket €88) if both trips are on weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The ten-trip ticket for frequent travelers costs 400 euros. With the free regular customer card, passengers can travel at a discount at any time and save money from the very first trip! Order simply free of charge here, put after receipt into the travel vehicle and use all advantages: Regular Costomer card blue AUTOZUG Sylt.



Sylt residents with proof of eligibility (residence on Sylt and vehicle registration Sylt) receive special discounts. Advantage: No ten-ticket has to be paid in advance and "driven off" in due time. But they use the blue AUTOZUG Sylt with the free Insulaner regular customer map simply as often as desired - and receive after ten single journeys the discount automatically directly credited. Order the free Insulaner regular customer card either online or in person at the Westerland Customer Center (Industrieweg 16. 1st floor, Monday to Friday during office hours; please bring your ID and vehicle registration document).


The blue AUTOZUG Sylt currently transports cars, SUVs, vans, smaller motor homes in forward direction (up to 3t), heavy trucks, trucks as well as vehicles with trailers or caravans up to max. 4.05 meters in height, max. 2.86 m in width, max. 20.50 m in length, max. 50.0 t in weight and a ground clearance of at least 10 centimeters. Coaches will be able to travel from around March 2020. The carriage of larger motor homes in the forward direction is in preparation.


RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH is located in Westerland/Sylt (Industrieweg 16, 25980 Sylt), the administrative office is located in Niebüll (Bahnhofstr. 10, 25899 Niebüll).


In the fall of 2014, RDC Deutschland GmbH successfully applied for framework contract routes for the car train connection between Niebüll and Westerland with a ten-year term.

The first generation of cars successfully passed the main inspection in winter 2015, received a new blue paint job and modifications to the brakes and traversing equipment. They were then equipped with an amplification system and loudspeakers, emergency brake cables and fire extinguishers in Kiel. This equipment meets the special safety requirements of the car train connection between Niebüll and Westerland/Sylt, as passengers remain seated in their vehicles during the approx. 35-minute crossing. The car transport cars successfully received approval from the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) at the end of March following the modifications made.

In January 2016, the first technical test runs were started, initially with the diesel locomotives (type MaK ME 26), followed before Easter by technical test runs with the locomotive, transfer car and generator car for measurement purposes. At the departure point of AUTOZUG Sylt in Niebüll, RDC AUTOZUG Sylt rented its administrative office at the station.

In May 2016, the blue AUTOZUG Sylt initially started a trial operation lasting several months to test the equipment, train the staff and practice coordination with the terminal operator. During this time, the blue train did not yet take any paying passengers. To optimize the retrofitted emergency brake rope hoists, some wagons had to be reworked in the Husum workshop during the summer months. In consideration of the island and its extremely busy train route over the Hindenburgdamm in the summer peak season, AUTOZUG Sylt postponed its start of operations with passengers on board until the quieter late fall.

On October 18, 2016, the premiere trip marked the official start of operations of the blue AUTOZUG Sylt.

This was followed in June 2017 by the introduction of a digital booking system with ticket webshop at and, for the first time on the Sylt Autozug service, the option of reserving a parking space.

In December 2017, the first of two Siemens Vectron DE ("Debbie") locomotives was transferred from the factory in Aschau near Munich to Niebüll.

In spring 2018, RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH was founded as an independent rail transport company with SIBE safety certification.

In April 2018, RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH became a member of the Association of Sylt Entrepreneurs (SU).

In May 2018, the second new-build locomotive of the same type Vectron DE started operation for the blue Sylt Auto Train.

In June 2018, it was ceremonially christened "Anne" (first name of Henry Posner III's wife, Anne Molloy) in the presence of Schleswig-Holstein's Minister of Economics and Transport, Dr. Bernd Buchholz (FDP), and the Posner family, who own the train, in the state capital Kiel.

In the fall of 2018, further measures were taken to improve routing at the loading terminals. Since December 2018, passengers are now informed at the terminal entrance in Niebüll by means of a display in real time which car train (blue AUTOZUG Sylt or DB Sylt Shuttle) will be the next to leave for the island.

In early summer 2019, the blue AUTOZUG Sylt launched its cooperation with the German Hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA Sylt.

The summer of 2019 saw the commissioning of the newly built Autozug transport wagons and thus the start of truck and supply traffic for the island of Sylt.

In December 2019, RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH became a shareholder in Sylt Marketing.

Since January 2020, Torge Nielsen, who has been with the company since 2015 and was Head of Production until then, and Dr. Markus Hunkel (who has been with RDC Germany since January 2017) have been joint managing directors of RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH.

On July 4, 2020, the night train "ALPEN-SYLT Nachtexpress" of RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH started for the first time. It brings passengers comfortably and stress-free overnight from Westerland/Sylt via Hamburg, Frankfurt/M and Munich to Salzburg/Austria. The seasonal service is currently on pause due to the pandemic and will resume its service at Easter 2021. Travelers will travel exclusively protected against infection in their own compartments, with no boarding by third parties.  Bookings and information at

The due to the COVID-19 pandemic on 01 November 2020 officially imposed partial lockdown for Sylt decrees that currently only islanders, rehab patients, second home owners as well as commuters and business travelers (with proof) may stay on Sylt, but no tourists. Therefore, until at least December 20, 2020, a reduced SUPPLY SCHEDULE with 18 trips daily is valid, which ensures the supply of the island with food, goods for daily use, medical protective clothing as well as in acute cases of ambulance transports. The winter schedule is not currently in effect!



RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH has locomotives and wagons maintained in the region. Thus, in addition to commuters, residents and guests of the island of Sylt, the economy in the district of North Friesland also benefits sustainably. The location in Westerland/Sylt also brings additional business tax revenue into the municipal coffers. Together with the region, the railroad company is providing important impetus for modernizing the line and converting it from diesel to environmentally friendly drives.

Information on AUTOZUG Sylt and the current timetable and prices at


Headquarters: Industrieweg 16 I 25890 Sylt

Administrative office: Bahnhofstraße 10 I 25899 Niebüll

Phone: 01806 - 258 258 (customer hotline, 20ct/call from landline, mobile max. 60ct.)

E-mail: info(at)

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